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The Voice – January 2024

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Happy New Year Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

As we step into a new year in fellowship and ministry, let’s never lose the focus of where our strength comes from nor our absolute desperate need for our Savior Jesus Christ.
The chosen passage for this the first month of the new year is from Psalms 28:7. It reads, “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him and He helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise Him.”

We have just been renewed in the promises of God our Creator, who promised to send a Savior to His hurting people thousands of years ago and today and everyday going forward. We’ve just celebrated the most priceless gift ever given.

King David acknowledged the place where his strength and protection, his joy and his salvation had come from. He knew the Lord our God was not only with him, but also the very place where all that he needed had come from.

King David was a warrior. He knew God and trusted Him with his confidence and protection. We can too. When we place all of our trust and all of our heart in the hands of our Creator, we come to a place of perfect peace and joy. We find ourselves anchored to God our Creator.

As we start this New Year, some of us might feel as though we’re stepping off into the abyss, a place of the unknown. In a sense, this is absolutely true. However, with God in the driver’s seat, the pilot of our ship, we can be confident that He has our best interest at heart. We can trust God will chart the raging seas of our lives and be able to navigate with Him handling the storms.

When we are struggling and all seems lost, we must turn with confidence to the very one who Created and Redeems us from our own misery and suffering. In the arms of Jesus, we find the power of the Holy Spirit moves us to perfect peace.

Here is where our thanksgiving will turn into rejoicing and worship. The Lord God is our greatest strength.

In the love of Christ who came to dwell among us, He will soon return to complete His work for us.

Have a blessed New Year.

Pastor Kathi Kraus

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